The membership of PRINZ is in three main divisions: Northern, Central and Southern. Each is governed by a committee of elected volunteer members who organise a calendar of events and help to build relationships and serve local members.

Below you'll find information about the chair and committee members in your wider geographic area.

If you are interested in joining your local committee please read the role description here and contact the Chair of your local Division below.

Northern Division Central Division

Chair: Fred Russo

Division Members:

  • Adam Szentes
  • Ady Schwartfeger, FPRINZ
  • Alex Harman
  • Lucy Handford, MPRINZ
  • Mary Lambie
  • Cassie Arauzo
  • Sandy Trigg
  • Brooke Hurndell

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Co-chairs: Angela Paul, FPRINZ, and Fiona Cassidy, LPRINZ

Division Members:

  • Aaron Hailwood
  • Ann Liu, MPRINZ
  • Annalie Brown, MPRINZ
  • Fiona Robinson-Morey, MPRINZ
  • Jamie Morris
  • Julia Boraston
  • Lily Ng
  • Stephanie Robertson

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Waikato Committee Southern Division

Chair: Heather Claycomb, FPRINZ
Division Members:

  • Amy Mackay
  • Angela March
  • Julia Moore, MPRINZ
  • Kathryn Jenkin
  • Lee Cowan
  • Monica Helbano
  • Peta Goldsworthy, FPRINZ
  • Vicki Jones

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Chair: Kathryn Ruge, MPRINZ

Division Members:

  • Alistair Gray
  • Annemarie Mora, MPRINZ
  • Anne-Marie Robinson, MPRINZ
  • Haidee Scott
  • Janet Luxton, MPRINZ
  • Jorja Miller
  • Katie Moore
  • Rachel Solotti, MPRINZ
  • Zen Gregor

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