PRINZ Awards 1997

The case studies presented are a selection of winning entries from the 23rd PRINZ Awards in 1997.

1997 PRINZ Awards Case Studies

23rd PRINZ Awards winning entries

Supreme Award

Operation Evergreen, Ministry of Forestry and Communications Trumps - Jane Roskruge & Melissa Lock, Norrey Simmons

Corporate Public Relations Winner

Operation Evergreen - Jane Roskruge & Melissa Lock; Norrey Simmons | Ministry of Forestry, Communications Trumps

Corporate Public Relations Highly Commended (joint)

Fletcher Challenge - three new shares communications - Barry Akers/Joyce Austin, Fletcher Challenge

The Rugby Wars - Baldwin Boyle Group

Listing Programme for National Mutual Holdings - Sally Logan-Milne, Jill Kinloch and Neil Green, Logos Porter Novelli

Fernz Corporation Capital Notes Issue - Dennis Lynch and Bronwen Jones, Network Communications, Auckland

Limited Budget Public Relations Winner

Internet Share Trading Campaign - Neil Green & Mark Blackham, Logos Porter Novelli

Marketing Public Relations Winner

Wattie Foods Nurture Infant Formulae - Jane Dodd, Network Communications (Wellington)

Marketing Public Relations Highly Commended

Jeep comes to New Zealand - John Ellegard, Stanford James Limited

Not for Profit Public Relations Winner

Welcome to your Retirement - Sally Logan-Milne & Anthony Scott & Annabel McCallum, Logos Porter Novelli

Not-for-Profit Public Relations Highly Commended

The Christmas Appeal - Fiona Mayo, Auckland City Mission

Not-for-Profit Public Relations Merit

Managing your Message - Janet Wright, Public Relations Institute of New Zealand - Christchurch branch

Special Event or Project Including Crisis Communications Winner

The Meadow-Lea Sunflower Garden - Alison Murray, AMG Group

Special Event or Project Including Crisis Communications Highly Commended (joint)

Run a Red Light - Gordon Chesterman, Redman Public Relations

Palliative Care/Hospice Contract - Nick Early, Sigma Group, Nurse Maud Association

Sustained Public Relations Winner

The 1996 Census - Sally Logan-Milne & Annabel McCallum, Logos Porter Novelli

Sustained Public Relations Highly Commended

(Client Confidential) - Armitage Consultancy Limited

Young Practitioner of the Year Winner

Supporting the Organisations Vision through Effective PR Management - Graham Bethune, School of Management Studies, University of Waikato

Young Practitioner of the Year Highly Commended (joint)

Three Projects/A Portfolio of Work - Mathew Bolland, Telecom Directories

Three Projects/A Portfolio of Work - Jane Clapcott, Baldwin Boyle Group