PRINZ Awards 2015

The case studies presented are a selection of highly commended and winning entries from the 41st PRINZ Awards in 2015.

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41st PRINZ Awards winning and highly commended entries

Supreme Award Winner

Home truths - communicating the risk of landslides to Port Hills residents - Anne-Marie Robinson, Linda Bennett, Christchurch City Council

Corporate Public Relations Winner

DairyNZ levy vote - demonstrating value in 2014 and beyond - Hayley Gavan, Bernie Walsh, Phillipa Adam, DairyNZ.

Corporate Public Relations Highly Commended

What's in a name? - From Telecom to Spark, rebranding one of New Zealand's best known businesses - Richard Llewellyn, Andrew Pirie, Lucy Fullarton, Conor Roberts, Vicky Gray, Sam Durbin, Todd Parker, Courtney Bennett, Spark New Zealand.

Government / Quasi Government Public Relations Winner

Home truths - communicating the risk of landslides to Port Hills residents - Anne-Marie Robinson, Linda Bennett, Christchurch City Council

Government / Quasi Government Public Relations Highly Commended

'Are you that someone?' - Preventing sexual violence - Hanna Kilpin, Janice Rodenburg, Ideas Shop

Gig-borne: The city that dared to dream - Kerry Donovan, Nicola Chrisp, Express PR.

Internal Communications Winner

Sparking change - the internal journey from Telecom to Spark New Zealand - Courtney Bennett, Andrew Pirie, Todd Parker, Richard Llewellyn, Vicky Gray, Sam Durbin, Spark New Zealand.

Internal Communications Highly Commended

Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development (ATEED) - ‘Vision to Values’- Duncan Croft, Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development.

Issues, Crisis or Emergency Management Highly Commended

Canterbury DHB Heading to Hospital - Plan your trip - Karalyn Van Deursen, Canterbury District Health Board.

Communicating bad news to 11,000 people - Katherine Trought, Lee Harris, Felicity Price, Environment Canterbury.

Limited Budget Public Relations Highly Commended

Global first for Emirates in the Cloud - Jessica Wiggins, Robert Wallace, Charlotte-Amelie Milton, Professional Public Relations.

Marketing Communication – Integrated Winner

The TRESemmé 365 Project - Mikaila Hutchison and Kristy Mayo, Spark PR & Activate.

Marketing Communication – Public Relations Highly Commended

Spark: ‘Emojifying’ the iPhone 6 - Vicky Gray , Sam Durbin, Lucy Fullarton, Andrew Pirie, Richard Llewellyn, Spark New Zealand; Trish Sherson, Michael James, Skye Pathare, Rewa Willis, Sherson Willis.

Not-for-Profit Public Relations Winner

Givealittle, help a lot: The journey to becoming New Zealand’s largest crowdfunding platform - Geraldine Ramirez, Lynne Le Gros and Courtney Bennett, Spark Foundation.Gros and Courtney Bennett, Spark Foundation.

Not-for-Profit Public Relations Highly Commended

Shining the light on Achilles - Arya Franklyn, Cigna Life Insurance.

Paul Dryden Tertiary Award Winner

Uptown Business Association: Rise & Dine Campaign - Kristy Burden, Lily Batt, Hannah Roberts, AUT University students.

Special Event or Project Winner

Setting new standards in steel - Hamish Anderson, Lisa van Beurden, Amy Hacon, Hotwire.

Special Event or Project Highly Commended

Healthcare Think Tank, hosted by Southern Cross - Louisa Jones, Strahan Wallis, Kaya Arai, Porter Novelli New Zealand.

Spark Automatic Thanks Machine - Vicky Gray, Andrew Pirie, Richard Llewellyn, Lucy Fullarton, Spark New Zealand; Michael James, Skye Pathare, Rewa Willis, Trish Sherson, Sherson Willis.

Sustained Public Relations Winner

Buddy Day - it takes a community to raise a child - Amy Meade, Heather Claycomb, HMC Communications; Summer Reid, Child Matters.

Sally Logan-Milne Young Practitioner of the Year Winner

Brad Pogson, Porter Novelli New Zealand.

Sally Logan-Milne Young Practitioner of the Year Highly Commended

Louisa Jones, Porter Novelli New Zealand.