Member register

The PRINZ Member register is a record of individual members and group members. Every PRINZ member has agreed to abide by the PRINZ Code of Ethics.

If your displayed organisation is not up-to-date you can change it via your Dashboard 'Employment tab', visible after you log in. To change your employment details press the ‘New Company’ button on the Employment page.

If you need assistance updating your member register record please call 09 358 9804 or email.

If you are having trouble viewing the Member register please view Trouble Shooting.

View Member register


My organisation is not displayed correctly, how do I change this?

Log in to your dashboard and visit ‘Employment’ on the left navigation. Choose ‘New Company’ and fill in the details.

Can I opt out of the register?

No, the register is not optional as it is designed to be a complete visible record of current PRINZ members.

Why did you make the register public?

The register is designed to be an accurate record of PRINZ membership, which enables those external to PRINZ to verify membership.