Tips for students

Join PRINZ - membership of the country's dedicated Public Relations and Communication Management membership organisation shows you are serious about a career in public relations.

If your tertiary institute has a PR or communications club, get involved, the benefits are numerous. For example, MCSA in Waikato organises an annual visit to Auckland to meet PRINZ member organisations.

PRINZ holds one event a year just for students. In 2015 this was titled Young Professionals'- PR Insight and featured speakers from a range of member organisations.

Read a blog on 2015 student event 'Pushing a domino.' here.

Get as much practical experience as you can. For example, volunteer for roles, undertake internships and work experience and be proactive about meeting people in the industry to chat and get to know more about the professional career you have chosen.

How to succeed in an interview or meeting:

  • Do your homework beforehand - look at the company website to find out as much as you can.
  • Ask questions - have a few questions relevant to the role that will demonstrate your interest.
  • Provide examples - highlight your learning and experience with examples.
  • Be yourself, try to let your personality show.

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