Tertiary courses

Why study?

Studying for a Public Relations/Communication Management (PR/CM) degree can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to work effectively. As with many other professions, research shows that PR/CM is becoming a graduate-entry career, which means a university degree is often a required qualification before entering the industry.

It isn't always necessary to have a PR/CM degree to gain a job, but if you are interested in a specialised study that will provide you with both the relevant theoretical and practical skills, then studying for a degree can help.

The 2016 PRINZ Insights Survey showed that 88% of practitioners have a tertiary qualification, and it is now increasingly the case that will be a PR/CM-specific degree.

If you are considering a PR/Comms career, here are the courses to choose from in New Zealand (listed alphabetically):

Please note, the courses below are not endorsed or accredited by PRINZ in any way.

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Communication Studies at AUT University

  • Bachelor of Communication Studies
  • Certificate of Communication Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in Communication Studies
  • Master of Communication Studies

Christchurch Polytechnic (CPIT)

Study options at CPIT

  • Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications

Manukau Institute of Technology

Areas of study

  • Communication Management
  • Bachelor of Information and Communication Technologies
  • Bachelor of Applied Management
  • Graduate Diploma in Communication Management

Massey University

School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing

  • School of Communication Journalism and Marketing
  • Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Business Studies (Major in Communication Management)
  • Bachelor of Communication
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Studies
  • Master of Communication
  • Master of Business Studies
  • Master of Management
  • Master of Professional Public Relations

Open Polytechnic New Zealand

Communication studies overview

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Communication Major)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Communication Major)
  • Certificate in Public Relations and Communication Management (Level 5)
  • Certificate in Technical Communication (Level 5)
  • Certificate in Web Design and Writing (Level 5)
  • Diploma in Communication Studies (Level 5)
  • Diploma in Public Relations and Communication Management (Level 6)
  • Diploma in Strategic Communication (Level 6)

Southern Institute of Technology

Journalism, Communications & PR

  • Bachelor of Applied Media Arts (Visual Media)

Unitec Institute of Technology

Communication Studies
  • Certificate in Communication and Media Arts
  • Bachelor of Communication (Event Management)
  • Bachelor of Communication (Media Studies)
  • Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)
  • Graduate Diploma in Event Communication
  • Postgraduate Diploma in International Communication
  • Master of International Communication

University of Waikato - School of Management

Subject Guide

  • Bachelor of Communication Studies and BCS Honours
  • Bachelor of Management Studies and BMS Honours
  • Graduate Diploma in Management Communication
  • Graduate Diploma in Marketing
  • Graduate Diploma in Public Relations
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management Communication
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations
  • Master of Management Studies

Waikato Institute of Technology (WINTEC)

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  • Bachelor of Media Arts (Communication)
  • Certificate of Media Arts (Level 4)
  • Certificate in Radio Boradcasting (Level 4)
  • Graduate Diploma in Communication