Annual Conference

The annual PRINZ Conference provides a unique chance to engage with your peers, speakers and new connections; acquire new experiences in small workshops and breakout sessions and evolve as a practitioner through focused learning and development.

PRINZ has given me access to network with great comms and PR people across the country, along with excellent professional development and other opportunities. It's great being able to pick up the phone or email someone you've met at conference, because you know they've had some experience dealing with a situation that mirrors your own.
Lee Harris, MPRINZ,

#PRConf17 - Seismic Shifts

25 & 26 May 2017 | Christchurch

Venue: Rydges Latimer Hotel

The theme for the conference is ‘Seismic Shifts’. Our Shaky Isles have been rocked, the twin shocks of Brexit and Trump are causing geopolitical reverberations around the globe, and our professional industry is undergoing momentous upheaval. Now’s the time to re-examine what we knew to be true, rethink our approach, rebuild what works and redesign all that doesn’t. Seismic events are creating a chasm in the modus operandi – let’s avail ourselves of the moment and forge new paths ahead!

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