PRINZ is pleased to offer members free access to webinar training hosted by the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA). PRIA webinars are presented by industry leaders, bringing topical content to practitioners, regardless of location.

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Previous webinars

2015 webinars

PRINZ is grateful to PRIA for giving our members free access to their webinar schedule in 2015. Live webinars that have been available to PRINZ members since February 2014 include:

  • What it takes to succeed in PR in 2014
    Presented by Trevor Young aka PR Warrior, speaker/author/consultant and advisor.
  • Public Relations and Leadership
    Presented by Professor Anne Gregory, Director of the Centre for Public Relations Studies at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK.
  • PR Perceptions vs Media Realities
    Presented by Warren Kirby, Chief Executive Officer, Wieck Australasia Online Newsrooms.
  • Cross-platform and Integrated Social Media
    Presented by Yianni Konstantopoulos, Executive-level Strategy, Business Development and Digital Communications Professional, and Katy Daniells, Senior Social Strategist at Ogilvy PR Australia.
  • Digital Marketing and how to measure it
    Presented by Jessica Whittaker, Head of Digital at iSentia.
  • Lessons from the Trenches - Eight Years in Social Media
    Presented by Jenni Beattie, Founder of Digital Democracy.
  • Generally Accepted Practices Study - Australian Findings
    Presented by Professor Jim Macnamara, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Technology, Sydney.
  • 'How to stay on the right side of visual copyright'
    Presented by Natasha Cywinski, Senior Paralegal, Asia Pacific at Getty Images.
  • 'Managing your Reputation - Individual and Organisational'
    Presented by Cecelia Haddad and Judy Goldman, Media Elements.
  • 'Crisis Management in this 21st Century - Are You Ready?'
    Presented by Melissa Agnes, Agnes+Day, Montreal.
  • 'The Business of Change, the Art of Communication'
    Presented by Jonathan Champ, Meaning Business.
  • Big Data
    Presented by Laurel Papworth, CEO, Community Crew.
  • From unknown to expert
    Catriona Pollard, CP Communications
  • Integrity and Values
    Presented by Jennifer Elliott, Integity and Values Pty Ltd
  • The Edelman Trust Barometer, Matthew Gain, Chief Operating Officer, Edelman Australia and Kate Ferguson, Director, Edelman Australia
  • Twitter's Birthday,
    Presented by Nathan Burman, Head of PR, Twitter Australia
  • The Act of Lobbying - what works and what doesn't, 10 April
    Gill Morris, Director of the UK Public Affairs Council (UKPAC) and Annabelle Warren, Managing Director of Primary PR
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Campaigns, 17 April,
    Jovina Ang, Communication, Singapore Management University
  • G4 Sustainability Reporting, 7 May
    Derryn Heilbuth, BWD Creative
  • Crisis Communications, 29 May
    Tony Jaques
  • Social Media Strategy, 10 July
  • Ethics and Professionalism, 31 July
    Johanna Fawkes, Charles Sturt University
  • Five awkward questions about the future of public relations, 14 August
    Catherine Arrow, FPRINZ, Unlocked PR
  • Corporate and Social Consciousness in Public Relations, 4 September
    Sandra Duhé, Associate Professor, Southern Methodist University
  • Content is king, but distribution wears the pants, 16 October
    Scott Evans, Co-founder and SEO of Gorrilla 360
  • PR in the Age of the Robot, 6 November
    Alastair McCapra, CEO, Chartered Institute of Public Relations
  • A Decade of Disasters, 18 December
    Gerry McCusker, Founder, EngageORM

Recorded Webinars

Best Practice for Agency and Consultancy Operations, Alex Mann, Co-founder & CEO, ClickTime

View recorded webinar - Best Practice for Agency and Consultancy Operations

Measurement webinar with Michael Ziviani, Founder & CEO, Precise Value

Download recorded webinar - Measurement to Boardroom

Download webinar PowerPoint - Measurement to Boardroom: Showing Business Value

Michael welcomes PRINZ members to contact him with questions and further thoughts following the webinar.

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